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The PFS program is used to calculate almost any static flow system. The flow system is described with a simple sketch and as text file. Double lines are used describe flowpaths. Short texts connected to the double lines define different flowpath properties. Single lines are used to describe volumes connecting a number of flowpaths. A flowpath can be rather general and does not have to be a proper duct or pipe. The media can be air, water, other fluids or compressed gases.

A main idea with the PFS program is that the sketch as a text file should be self-documenting. The result text file is equal to the input text file with added result print outs. Another idea is that different components such as fans, pumps, dampers, valves or heaters should be defined by a single line.

PFS Tutorial with 24 examples can be downloaded.

The PFS program has been documented in a number of manuals and reports about the program language, the operation of the program  and a large number of application examples. All manuals and reports are however in Swedish.

The PFS program can be run under DOS, Windows 98 and Windows NT. It is available both in a DOS version (PFS) and a Windows version (WinPFS).

For more information contact professor Lars Jensen.

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