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The Division of Building Services teaches in different education programs topics related to technical installations in buildings, energy use and indoor environment. In our courses, the students learn how to achieve a good indoor environment that is also energy-efficient by designing technical systems in buildings.

We train students in the Civil Engineering Program to provide them with a holistic understanding of the building's envelope, indoor environment, and technical installations. Many of our courses are given together with the Division of Building Physics, we also give several courses in the master's program Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design which is held in campus Helsingborg. The students in the master program have background in surveying, civil and environmental engineering, and architecture.

The courses in the bachelor education have different scopes, starting with a basic understanding of the heating and ventilation of buildings as well as domestic hot water and wastewater systems, including the design and dimensioning of these systems. This includes basic indoor environmental knowledge and knowledge of how the installation of technical systems should be designed for minimal energy demands and indoor climate impact. In the more advanced courses, various systems are investigated in more detail with a connection to building’s energy use, indoor environment and resource efficiency. The aspect of renovating buildings is addressed in our courses as well as other aspects focusing on energy systems, environmental impact in connection with Agenda 2030.

Our division aims also to provide the society with skills that can help develop sustainable cities for the future where an interdisciplinary approach can achieve more resource-efficient buildings with good indoor environment. Developing the students' own analytical ability to solve problems in a broader perspective is one of our aims, especially in the advanced courses.

Our vision is to expand the education for professionals and create a collaboration with high schools to increase craftsmen's competence on important issues.

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