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Research and publications

The Division of Building Services research area are technical installations related to energy use, resource efficiency, indoor environment, building occupants and energy systems. Sometimes technical installations in applications other than buildings can also be included. The overall purpose is to create a sustainable society.

The division’s research has focus on analyzing systems and developing methods with the aim of addressing both technical and process aspects in terms of components, systems, and users. We collaborate in several research projects with the Division of Building Physics and also with other divisions, both at LTH and in other parts of Sweden, and international organizations and with companies and community bodies. Contact us if you are interested in computer programs, such as PFS for the calculations of static flow, and tools that are the result of research. Reports, such as ventilation in case of fire, are also available on request.

Ongoing and recently completed research are related to:

  • Management of overcrowding in apartments
  • Holistic energy measures for culturally valuable buildings
  • Indoor environmental analyses in apartments during renovation in Lund
  • LCA for renovations
  • Environmental certification during operation and management
  • Modeling of fifth generation district heating systems
  • Management of measurement data in buildings
  • Measurements of moisture supply in apartments
  • Measurements of indoor environmental parameters in 150 detached houses
  • Human interaction with technical systems
  • Design of schools
  • Design of elderly homes
  • Cleaning of cooling and heating coils and heat exchangers
  • Renovation with façade-integrated ventilation solutions
  • Renovation of the million program apartments
  • Room air handling with heat recovery
  • Thermal storage in the frame of buildings to reduce both cooling and heating peak loads
  • Investigations of the condition of buildings in Malmfälten
  • Development of moisture management in ventilation systems and management of accumulation of icing
  • Development of heat pump solutions, for example, in combination with boreholes
  • Evaluations of buildings' energy use and indoor environment
  • Water damage from pipe systems and wet rooms
  • Ventilation measures in culturally valuable buildings
  • Recycling to reduce resource consumption

We are always interested in collaborating with industry and academia in research and development related to technical installations!

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