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The Divisiont's building on LTH-campus. Photo.

Welcome to the Division of Building Services

Building Services Engineering includes the interactions of the technical installations with people, operations and climate. The Division of Building Services conducts research and training in technical installations with regards to function, indoor environment, energy use and resource use.

Our main area is the installations in buildings. Oher types of spaces can also be included, such as vehicles, outdoor environments, certain industrial environments and the energy system outside of buildings. Our interest in resource use aims for a broad sustainability by addressing issues of energy calculations, life cycle costing, life cycle analysis, recycling and reuse. We also work with sizing and dimensioning of components such as ventilation units and heat pumps, in connections with the indoor environment and how occupants react and behave in such an environment.

Common installations that we analyse and provide education for are heating, ventilation and cooling in buildings, domestic hot water and wastewater systems and sprinklers. Our knowledge also encompasses the regulation of installations of flow, electrical and electronic components that are needed. Flow systems in both components and rooms are part of our work. We can also work with electrical installations, measuring systems and IT systems.

We also focus on both developing and using measuring technology to understand and optimize buildings and their installations. In many of our projects, as well as in many of our courses, the division collaborates with the Division of Building Physics to get a holistic view of both installation and building envelope in terms of energy, moisture and indoor environment.

We manage the National Renovation Centre with focus on a broad and scientific exchange of information about renovation problems, not only in the subject of ‚Äč‚Äčinstallations, but also in the perspective of technology, economics and social issues. We are also involved in the Centre for Healthy Indoor Environments (CHIE).

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